Hollywood’s Biggest Night at the Hollywood!

Last night was Hollywood’s biggest night – Oscar Night!  Those who had perfected their craft were honored, and stars in stunning dresses walked the red carpet.  The Hollywood Theatre here in Portland hosted a wonderful Oscar afternoon/night event (it started at 3:30 with red carpet coverage).  With Oscar themed drinks, Patrick and I settled in with Bohemian Vintage proprietress Carla, along with her husband, Mike and a former high school classmate who recently moved to Oregon, David – who brought along his camera and took some great pictures, including this stunning one on the left.

The event was free, with popcorn and pizza available to purchase.  Additionally, the theatre hosted a raffle to win gift certificates to local businesses, along with a silent auction, which included a ring Johnny Depp wore in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies! It was so terribly tempting to bid on.  The Hollywood is a non-profit, so all of the money raised that evening went toward their education efforts and to keep the Hollywood open.  Carla ended up winning a membership to the theatre in the raffle, which included free movie tickets and free popcorn!

Carla, Patrick and I were of a handful of people who dressed in Oscar attire.  I wore a vintage satin number purchased from Nobody’s Baby with opera length black gloves and the wrap Patrick gave me for Christmas that he purchased from Bohemian Vintage.

As for the Oscars themselves, of course there were dresses I loved, and dresses I wasn’t too fond off, but mostly I was really pleased with the winners.  The King’s Speech didn’t sweep, but it won really important awards, including Best Actor for Colin Firth’s performance, Best Director and Best Picture.  It was also great seeing Coleen Atwood getting some more love for her stunning costumes in Alice in Wonderland. I would have liked to have seen Helena Boham Carter and Geoffrey Rush get their supporting awards, since their roles were so good as well.  I was surprised at how little awards Inception won, which was a fantastic film as well.  I look forward to what this year will bring in terms of movies – so far it hasn’t been too impressive.

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