Exciting Expo Finds!

Sorry I haven’t blogged in awhile! This week was kind of crazy.

Over the weekend vintage lovers flocked to the Portland Expo Center to gander at over 1,000 booths full of vintage goodies and antiques.  I went Saturday and Sunday this time and was glad I went both days, because I saw items I missed the previous day!  Saturday I attended with my dad and his girlfriend, Ann.  We all walked away with goodies, including Ann, who had never been before! She’s into poodles and Elvis (a woman after my heart!) Sunday Patrick and I went, and Pat picked up a vintage cufflinks box by Swank so he can store his continually growing cufflinks collection.  As for myself…

I picked up a Zorro comic (sadly the only Zorro item I could afford and didn’t already own), this adorable little pink hat, which really reminds me of Marie Antoinette, and I’ve been craving hat like it for AGES! I also picked up some vintage fabric which I’m going to make some pillows out of, some more vintage patterns, a charm bracelet from the Bar M Ranch (which still exists!) and this stellar Charles Talbot coat that also has a Charles F. Berg store label in it too!  Like I need another coat – but it was dirt cheap at $7 and has full length sleeves!!

I also bought this adorable little number:

It’s on the fragile side, but I just adore this mint green color and the little bow in the back!

I also bought some jewelry and a WWII sailor outfit.  I mainly bought it for the pants, which brings me to a grand total of three pairs! They are perfect for getting that 40s look while also being practical! Especially for the climate and weather of the Pacific Northwest.

I can’t wait until the larger July show!

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