Vintage Fashion for All at Tony’s

Last night AlexSandra brought forth yet another fantastic vintage fashion show at Tony Starlight’s.

Witty banter between AlexSandra and Tony had the audience laughing, and intermission entertainment was brought to you by the ever lovely Marianna Thielan.  As always, all items in the show were for sale.  What I really loved about this show is that Heather, the blonde in the lower left, is 5 months pregnant! So, yes! You can even wear vintage when you’re pregnant! I look forward to what other maternity friendly things AlexSandra will pull out as Heather’s tummy grows!

For this show I wore two pencil skirt ensembles.  The first was an adorable teal number with kick pleats in the front and back!  The next we felt had a French flair and I wore a hat that gave me the nick name “unicorn” backstage, and AlexSandra demonstrated on stage that the hat can be worn many different ways.

This show was the first in AlexSandra’s new and improved show boasting much more audience interaction!  First off, AlexSandra’s pop-up shop now opens at 5pm! So if you can’t make it to the show, but have time, you can swing by and browse her merchandise prior to the show! At 5:30 AlexSandra will now be doing hair demos on one of her models! Last night I was the lucky girl! If you attend the show and pay the cover, you will receive $5 off your purchase at the pop-up shop!  As for the show itself – Best dressed lady and best dressed gent contests go on and you can win a prize!  Gives you extra incentive to get all gussied up!  Additionally, the next show will include a beehive contest as demonstrated on two ladies from the audience!  The next show is on my birthday! April 21st!

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