Last night Patrick and I had the glorious pleasure of seeing my favorite Hitchcock film on the big screen, Rope.

We arrived early, as per usual for me…and ordered up a couple slices of pizza to munch on prior to the film – thank goodness for the Portland trend of combining pizza, beer and movies.  At the Laurelhurst you can either eat during the film thanks to tables in some rows, or eat in one of the booths in the lobby, where the tables are covered in movie posters.

Hitchcock’s 1948 Rope combines great acting, witty writing and ingenious camera play to create what I think is an unsung masterpiece.  The film takes place entirely in one apartment and is played out in real time, and it works beautifully.  If you haven’t seen it, I highly suggest you put in on your Netflix!

It seems I can’t go anywhere without someone asking me “Is this how you normally dress?” or fumbling over their words as they express how much they love my outfit – both occurred yesterday evening.  Sometimes the “normally dress” question gets to me no matter how many times I hear it, “Yes, yes this is how I normally dress! And just because you don’t seem to own a comb doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t look fabulous!” is what I yearn to say sometimes, however I just smile and say “Yes, it is.” Then they will either say something like “I think it’s wonderful” or something about their grandmother, or they will just raise their eyebrows and look in the other direction.

The Laurelhurst hosts themed months where they show special movies – this month was classics month, and in a week they will show my second favorite Hitchcock film, Rear Window. Can’t wait!

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