Taking a Dip in Style

Yesterday, which was sunny I may add, the pool at my apartment building opened! Much to my happiness, I strode out and jumped right in – okay, not really…I attempted to place myself gracefully upon my floating lounger, but ended up falling in…however I did enjoy a glorious swim!  Today however is not so wonderful, and instead I sit inside, browsing the web and cleaning, since in typical Oregon fashion, it has decided to rain. sigh Oh well. I know there will be sunny days in my future.  But the point of this entry is not to lament, but to inspire!  Swimsuits of the 1940s and 50s were simply fabulous.  They had wonderful details and accents, and nearly all of them looked great on any body shape! Unlike the swimsuits of today where when I look at them I say “My underwear has more coverage than that!” Swimsuits today are simply horrid and look good on no one.  Meanwhile, vintage swimsuits cost an arm and a leg (there is a reason I own only two), and they are not to be swam in! So, may I present several places to find vintage inspired swimwear!

Jantzen, a Portland based swimwear company, has produced swimwear since 1916 and is known for their quality and style! Their ads during the mid-twentieth century were adorable and some were even done by pin-up artist Petty! Today, they continue to make stunning swimsuits that still possess the same great quality and style.  They cost in the $50 to $100 range.  They can, on occasion, be found at Ross for around $25.

Secondly, Popina, another Portland based swimwear company that offers up an online shop in addition to their Portland locations and carriers.  They are certainly retro-inspired and are of fabulous quality.  They have some more contemporary items as well, along with accessories.  Their suits cost in the $80 to $100 range.

Then there is the swimwear section of Babygirl Boutique. Here you will find more retro inspired swimsuits and they also have a vintage section as well for real vintage swimwear.  And before you check out, be sure to look around at their other vintage inspired clothing items – everything from dresses to shoes to jewelery.

You can also find wonderful retro inspired swimwear on Etsy, such as Fables.  Just search for “retro swimsuit” to find various sellers.

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