Rose Festival

Since 1907, Portland has opened up its streets and parks for Rose Festival, which is a several week long celebration of our city.  It includes our Grand Floral Parade (the second largest floral parade in the country I might add) among other parades, Dragon Boat racing, and of course a carnival along our waterfront park.

Like most carnivals, it’s pretty much highway robbery, but something about those cheesy stuffed prizes and glittering lights lures in even myself…I think it’s the skee ball and elephant ears personally…

Possibly some of the lure is due to the fact that Rose Festival was Patrick and mine’s first date together a whole seven years ago! It rained, I wore khakis and my shoes never recovered, and every date after that also took place in the rain it seemed.  As we entered the gates this year, the sun was shinning, and there was blue sky, but just seconds after walking out of the photobooth, it began to rain…of course.

We didn’t ride any rides (too much fun playing skee ball). But I was quite fond of the artwork on the “Haunted Mansion” ride, and slightly tempted to ride it, curious to know if it possessed the kitchy hokeyness of the old 50s carnival rides.

We’re thinking about actually watching the parade in person this year, but we know it’s brutal to get a seat, and people camp out for hours, however I think it’s one of those things a Portlander has got to do.

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