Decades of Dresses

Yesterday Patrick and I ran a few errands, and since some of those errands passed by some shops I like to frequent, we of course had to stop in.  I ended up purchasing a grand total of three dresses! One from the 1940s, one from the 1950s and one from the 1960s!

I’m still not sure yet on if I’m going to keep them all…the pink and white striped number is mine, and all mine, but the others I picked up because they were so gosh darn cheap.

The tan 40s number is an R&K Original, with its original belt, and has little metal accents to create a burst like pattern scattered about the dress.  It needs some work, there are a few moth holes (most do not need to be repaired, one however does), and the lining needs to be tacked up, since it is showing.

The 60s blue number originally had a built in crinoline however someone has cut out the tulle, there are little bits still inside around the waist, and based on the construction it looks home made.

Today, two friends and I return to a lady’s house to go through some of her jewelry and clothing she is wanting to get rid of.  Last week she invited us, and I made several purchases, some of which are already up on Etsy for you to make your own.  But since a friend who was originally invited last week couldn’t make it, we are making a return visit.  The woman selling is a wonderful woman with great tastes in clothing, jewelry, art, and furniture – she had multiple pieces of Hey-Wake! She made a comment that she and her husband may move into a condo, so I gave her my information and to let me know if she may be getting ride of any of the Hey-Wake.

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