Antiquing in the Park

Over the weekend, Brownsville hosted their annual antique show in their park.  With little booths filled with old-timey delights, antique lovers scattered about the park to find their treasures.

As for myself…I found some wonderful 1940s and 50s patterns, a delightfully kitchy apron come Christmas time that reads “I Yust Got Nuts at Christmas” from the song, this fantastic South American themed scatter pin set and four pairs of gloves.

I also found some items that will be making their way into my booth and in my Etsy shop sometime soon.

After the show, my dad and I made some of the usual antique rounds in the Eugene-Springfield area and I purchased this amazing 1940s lounging gown.

I am utterly in love with it. It is extremely comfortable as well.  It has a few issues, but nothing that I am not okay with or can’t fix.

All in all, a wonderful weekend.  I can’t wait to get back down to the Eugene area for more thrifting, which I think will be in early September for the Albany and Coburg Antique Fairs.

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