A Family Treasure

Well, I have returned from visiting my grandparents in Idaho.  It was rough, but I think my grandma will pull through.  During our stay, my mother and I went through family albums gazing at old photos of my mom’s family.  Included in the pictures were ones from my grandparent’s wedding.

When they tied the knot in 1947, my grandfather said “If you want a big wedding, you better marry someone else.” But she didn’t, and they had a very small ceremony at their pastor’s home with just a few family members.  My grandmother opted for a simple, store bought dress for their ceremony that she purchased with one of her sisters in Boise.  When looking at the photos, I asked my mom if the dress was still around, and thankfully it was, tucked away in the guest room closet.  Though faded, it was still in good condition, and I tried it on (with my grandmother’s permission of course) and it fit wonderfully.  The next day, I wore the dress to the hospital to visit her, and she said I looked lovely, and asked if I liked it, “Like it? I love it!” I said.  She then asked me if I would like to have the dress.  It was hard to contain my excitement at her offering me her dress, since I did love it and it fit so well. When the time came to leave, I carefully tucked it away in my suitcase, and it now hangs in my closet.


 I am very thankful that my grandmother entrusted me with her dress.  I just wish she had kept more of her clothes from the 40s and 50s.

One thought on “A Family Treasure

  1. I just came across this post and felt such a kinship to it! I ended up with a 1950s cocktail dress of my grandmothers as well but sadly it came into my possession about a month after she had died so she never got to see me in it. It’s one of the most special pieces I own and makes me feel so pretty so I know how you feel. It also was kind of a shock to know my grandmother had style considering when I knew her she was mostly wearing the stereotypical grandma clothes. And I too wished that she had somehow saved more of her clothes.

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