Grandma’s Sewing Drawer to My Closet

Over the last few days Katie and I have been spending these rainy autumn days inside sewing to our hearts content or at times, frustration.  Sewing is fun and fulfilling, but also by no means smooth sailing.

But when all is said and done, you are usually quite pleased with yourself and your work…

The pattern I used came from my grandmother’s collection and is a Simplicity from the 1940s, and based upon its specs I am betting it is from war time.  Its lack of proper facing and proper collar, slim skirt, two pockets, and sleeves less than 30 inches for view 1 all fit into the sewing restrictions created during WWII.  This thought popped into my head when looking at fabric selections…what better than a red, white and blue color selection? And the icing on the cake? This design is called “All-American Girl”.

Katie isn’t quite done with her dress yet (she took the bodice from one pattern and a skirt from another – what an adventurous gal!), and I’m taking a break and working on my repairs pile for awhile until I tackle another project.

Earrings: Bohemian Vintage, Portland
Bangles: Various antique shows over the years
Shoes: Thrifted

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