Corn and Pumpkins

Over the weekend, Katie, Patrick and I took the small drive over to Savie Island to visit The Pumpkin Patch.  Saturday was the first decently sunny and non-rainy day Portlanders had had in awhile, and with the prediction to be more rain, the Patch was full of families running around eating corn on the cob and carrying pumpkins.

Prior to climbing aboard the hay ride out to the pumpkin patch, we got lost in the corn maize (get it? Maze, Maize, Corn…)

Each year the maze creates a different image, and this year, it was the shape of Oregon with the Timbers’ logo in the middle, since the Timbers have simply sky-rocketed in popularity.

After coming out alive, we joined the hunt for the perfect pumpkin…

Katie chose a selection of three white pumpkins and a tall orange one, with the idea of creating the three little pigs and big bad wolf.  After a long search, and getting many tiny slivers, I picked a rather large and heavy pumpkin – thank goodness for a strong hubby.

And when I got home, I started getting to work on my pumpkin…

(click for larger image)

Inspired by It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, I selected three scenes from the film, including the classic “I got a rock.” moments during trick-or-treating, Linus explaining who The Great Pumpkin is, and Snoopy playing out his WWI Flying Ace fantasies.

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