Shopping and Sinatra

Over the weekend, Katie, Pat, and I drove down to Eugene to see our dear friend Megan perform in the Frank Sinatra tribute show My Way.  Prior to our trip, Megan began to express interest in dressing vintage, saying she felt that the styles and cuts of the clothing of yesteryear seemed to be more flattering (which is true), but she just wanted a guiding hand in started.  Katie and I were thrilled about this, and ran to her aid.

The afternoon before the show we hit up my two favorite vintage clothing shops in Eugene, Nobody’s Baby and Puttin’ On The Ritz and began tossing vintage wonders Megan’s way, while of course shopping for us as well.  And it was a success! Megan walked away with two dresses from the 1940s, including one with its tags still attached as well as a purse with her monogram on it! Talk about a sign!  She also snatched up some adorable enamel leaf pins.

As for myself, I picked up this adorable yellow nylon top along with a horrid 1950s grey wool dress that will make a fantastic skirt in the very near future.  I also picked up a wonderful home made “New Look” style dress with pockets (YAY!) perfect for the chilly days ahead!  It’s three-quarter length sleeves will make a great opportunity to showcase my gloves.  Plus, grey is a very versatile color, I can jazz it up with hats, belts and pins to make for dozens of outfits. I also picked up a fabulous Nardis of Dallas linen turquoise number…which sadly I won’t be able to wear for a few months…so I guess they equal out…

As for the show, it was fantastic.  My Way is a tribute show that includes three couples who chat about Ol’ Blue Eyes and sing a good majority of Sinatra’s songs.  So if you’re a Sinatra fan, I highly suggest making it to My Way if it comes your way.

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