It was a horseman! And he was headless!

Fall is certainly my favorite time of year.  Fog creeps in during the crisp mornings, pumpkins adorn porches, and delicious scents fill homes.  It is also a time to watch some of my all-time favorite movies, including Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow, which inspired my next felt circle skirt…

For this grey circle skirt, I took Burton’s Tree of the Dead and gave it a more geometric, modern look.  I then took the poster image of the Headless Horseman and instead of him wielding an axe, I replaced it with the classic Jack-o-Lantern, akin to the moment Brom plays his joke on Ichabod.  Each piece is hand-cut by myself, and then hand-stitched to the skirt.  This skirt was very laborious like the Zorro skirt, since the Horseman was so intricate, but well worth it.  I wore this outfit out today while doing some last minute shopping for our Halloween party tonight, and it got a wonderful reception from people of all ages.

Well, back to work! Still have to do some decorating and last minute costume work!

6 thoughts on “It was a horseman! And he was headless!

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