A Spooktacular Halloween

Last night I once again hosted my mellow Halloween party, an evening filled with good friends, delicious beignets, a rousing game of Apples to Apples, and wonderful costumes.

This year I grew mouse ears and a tail to become the Showgirl Mouse from Disney’s The Great Mouse Detective.  This year didn’t take nearly as long as last year’s Satine costume.  I think this was about a 3 hour job this year.  Patrick went as Number 6 from the 60s British Cult Classic The Prisoner – not the lame AMC’s “re-visioning” version. We’ll just ignore that version ever existed.

By far, my favorite costumes among my friends were Kynna and Brian who arrived as The Doctor and Amy from BBC’s Doctor Who.  And Jen came in a close second as the Narcoleptic Argentinian from Moulin Rouge.

And next year’s costume is already in the works.  It’s going to (hopefully) put all past years to shame.

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