One Draining Expo

Starting late last week I started to feel under the weather, and it just got worse.  But Saturday morning I dragged myself to Expo with my dad and his girlfriend, Ann.  Pumped up on DayQuil and Gatorade and sounding like a chain smoker, I trudged through the aisles and aisles of antique goodness on the hunt, and by the end of the day, my wallet was a little thinner and my voice gone, seriously, gone, along with plans of attending the next day with Patrick.

And thanks to this wonderful bout of illness, you will not see me modeling any of my finds…but here is the bounty of my hunt…

I scored this great 50s dress, that really reminded me of Lucy. It has some stains, but nothing a little hand-washing or dry clean won’t take care of I think.  Then I picked up some western themed jewelry…the Amigo and donkey set Ann found for me, also snatched this adorable wooden cowboy, dated 1947 on the back, and the celluloid cowboy hat and horseshoe.  Then I got this wonderful war-time leather and plastic bicycle piece, which despite being over 60 years old is still quite relevant. To add to my 1964 Presidential Race collection, I got this wonderful LBJ inauguration pin. And some more patterns…not like I need anymore…and then last but not least, quite possibly one of my favorite Expo finds… this rhinestone bow tie necklace!

I saw plenty of things I wanted…but simply couldn’t dish out the bucks to have, including many pieces of sweetheart jewelery, a WAVES uniform and countless dresses.  Additionally, I saw a lamp that is exactly like the ones we have flanking our television, the dealer wanted $1000 for the one…I paid $25 each.

Well, I think it’s back to bed…with more drugs and a big cup o’ tea.

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