Weekend Shopping

Last Friday my dad came up to visit and we spent the day driving down the coast hitting various antique shops, on the hunt for Christmas gifts, and maybe a treasure or two for ourselves…

I picked up a few gifts, as did dad, drooled over an aluminum tree that was quite different than any others we own – normally aluminum trees are made up of branches that are the same length, and the shape is created by the angle that the holes in the trunk are drilled, however this one had branches of different lengths, making it look more like a real tree. It was almost discerning…but ultimately we passed on it.  The rest of the weekend was spent at the Albany Swap Meet, various other shops and flea market.  I returned home with several gifts, some merch for my antique booth, as well as some items for myself…

First up, this wonderfully kitch reindeer pin for $5, then this plastic pin of an amigo strumming his guitar against a cactus for $10.  I picked up the lamp, now living in the corner of our bedroom for $15, and used a shade from my back-stock of vintage fiberglass shades.  And then I snatched up this great studded belt from the 1940s for only $7!  All in all, it was a great weekend for antiquing, and I can’t wait to give away some of the gifts I picked up! Speaking of gifts, now I have to go make all the cards for those people!

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