The Perfect Thanksgiving Dress

This year was our first Thanksgiving married, and it rather highlighted our extremely fractured families.  Patrick and I ended up doing dinner alone, which I didn’t mind as much as I thought I would.  We cooked a ham (I am not a fan to turkey at all) and had a slue of vegetable sides all on my beloved collection of Franciscan Starburst dishes.  The holiday gave me an excuse to wear a dress I bought some time ago, and put lots of tender, loving care into…

The dress is a 40s crepe, with a neckline that is to die for, has beaded leaves and flowers on it.  When I bought it, I noticed a lot of loose and missing beads.  Thankfully, I was able to pick up some similar beads at a local craft store, and then I hand sewed the design back in with the beads.  Many of the original needle holes were still visible, so I just played connect the dots with the beads, and returned the dress to its former glory.  The necklace is piece I drooled over for many months at Antique Alley before breaking down and buying it, thankfully the dealer cut me a deal on it.  It dates to the 1930s and is figural corn and leaves, and made of brass.

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