Setzer Rocks the Coast

Before I start in on my holidays, I must share what has to be one of the best concerts of my life… Now, I’ve seen most of my favorite living performers…Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Michael Buble, The Phenomenauts…but the one who I hadn’t seen and who I’d been in love with since middle school was Brian Setzer. His music was my introduction to the world of neo-swing and neo-rockabilly.  And when I got married last year, I walked down the aisle to his version of the classic wedding march – “Here Comes the Broad”. And finally, December 23rd, my dream of seeing him live came true – and it was in the 6th row.

With a bizarre mix of people in the audience, aged from 20-somethings to 60-somethings, Setzer took to the stage in what can only be described as a wickedly fantastic green and black suit and boasting a Rat Fink metal flake green Gretsch.

Mid-way through the performance, Setzer changed guitars to the Gretsch he used in the Stray Cats, a bright orange one with a pin-up decal on it, he then introduced Stray Cats drummer, Slim Jim Phantom.

I gotta say, Setzer lived up to everything I expected, and more. He’s a stellar performer and hasn’t let his 20-plus years of fame go to his head.

After the show I bought a t-shirt *GASP!* with the same imagery as the stage background. And really, all I own are band t-shirts these days.

Christmas entry to come tomorrow!

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