Disneyland Skirt Progress Report II

A little update on how my Disneyland full circle skirt is coming along.  I would say that I am about 75% done.

Patrick came up with the notion to use a calligraphy pen to do detail work, doing this creates much finer lines than say paint pens, and less worrisome than brushes – cheaper too.  However, it takes a long, long time to pull some lines.

Many of the attractions have their main colors on, but need to be detailed, like horses need to be put on the carousel, the tea cups need their design work, etc.  The castle got a redesign, I just wasn’t happy with the first one, and I have yet to tackle painting it or the Disneyland sign.  I have a feeling those are going to be the most brutal, and are going to take more time than any of the other attractions.

Now the question becomes…when I finish this, do I blog right away, or wait until I return from Disneyland with pictures?

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