Yee Haw!

Awhile ago my dad came to visit and we did what we always do when we’re together…shop! One of the places we stopped in at was Monticello Antiques.  For the most part the mall leans toward the current vintage trend of catering to the designer/shabby chic market, so the place is full of once beautiful furniture now painted white and all that kind of junk. (My feelings toward this trend could be an entry in itself) But, there are some real vintage treasures to be found.  There are cases full of vintage jewelry, as well as clothing scattered about including this beauty…

When I saw this hand knit “Cowichan” sweater with its fab cowboy motif, I had a hard time containing myself, but the price tag scared me a bit.  Plus it wore a little tight, and had a little too short of sleeves – so short that I couldn’t wear many of my western wear with it – probably because it is most likely a child’s sweater. So I talked myself out of it.  But when I got home and it was all I could talk to Pat about!  So, we woke up the next morning and went back out there to buy it.  And I haven’t regretted it.

Do any of you have items that once you got home you instantly felt a need to return and purchase?

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