Disneyland, Here I Come!

In just about a week, Patrick and I will be winging our way to sunny southern California to spend some time with my family, as well as a few days at Disneyland.

As previously blogged twice before (see the progression here and here) I decided to make a Disneyland themed circle skirt for the trip. And I am happy to say I am DONE!

Painted on are the following attractions, the Rocket to the Moon, Mad Tea Party, Fort Wilderness, the Monsanto House of the Future, King Aurthur’s Carousel, the Mark Twain, Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, the original Disneyland sign, the Submarine Voyage, the Matterhorn, Conestoga Wagons, the Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship, the Jungle Cruise and Indian Village.

I have loads of things to do before leaving, and I wanted to finish up the skirt this week thus leaving next week open to do last minute cleaning, planning, and of course packing – I still haven’t decided what to wear for some days!  I also haven’t decided if I should wear my crinoline on the plane, possibly being obnoxious to others, but leaving more room in my suitcase for maybe hats or to just shove it in my suitcase, and forget about hats…decisions, decisions…

Of course there will be LOADS of photos of me in the skirt at the park, as well as my fab Enchanted Tiki Room pantsuit!  Oh, I can’t wait!!!

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