Slappy Cakes Outing

Today I found myself with both internet and cable on the fritz so I priced some stuff and popped over to Antique Alley to drop it off.  Anthony, one of the employees (who is also a stunning photographer), was there, but not working, and he and I decided to grab a late lunch at Slappy Cakes over on Belmont.

It was super windy, and my hair didn’t really survive, so pardon the extremely pathetic bumper bangs…

Slappy Cakes is a pretty awesome little joint, with a hot plate right in the middle of your table, and you get to make your very own pancakes!  I stuck to a fairly simple pancake; buttermilk batter, chocolate chips and whipped cream.

I’m really digging this sunny 50 degree weather we’ve been having. Warm enough to not have a heavy wool and fur coat, but cold enough to want a light jacket.

Jacket: Thrifited
Blouse: The (Goodwill) Bins, Portland
Velvet Capris: Lorrel Mea’s booth, Antique Alley, Portland
Shoes: The Clothes Horse, Eugene
Purse: Thrifted
Bangle: Gift
Earrings: Antique Alley Flea, Portland

2 thoughts on “Slappy Cakes Outing

  1. Love this outfit. My leather jacket is one of my favourite things, but for some bizarre reason I’ve never thought to style it with my rockabilly stuff!

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