One-Twenty at Disneyland

During our visit to Disneyland, we didn’t just take pictures with our phones and digital cameras, but with our vintage Kodak DualFlex II, which dates to 1950-1954, using 120 film.  The camera attracted much attention, people said they loved it, asked if it worked, and said it was cooler than the Holgas so many hipsters carry with them these days.  We took both black and white and color film with us and here are the results!

Please note that I have made no color alterations, etc. to these photos – they are exactly how they came out of the camera.  I was really surprised with the wonderful tones of the color film and I love the almost dream-like imagery this camera produces due to the quality of the lens.

Well, that’s it for the Disneyland entries for now! I hope you enjoyed!

19 thoughts on “One-Twenty at Disneyland

  1. How awesome is your skirt?? And the tiki outfit? And the photos?
    Awesome blog! I just found you through your Twitter comment and added you to my favorite links 🙂

  2. I have adored your Disneyland posts. It’s almost like I was there!
    Love the photos with your Kodak. I haven’t taken photos with a film camera in years and I miss the surprises you often get from them!

  3. I just found your blog through pinterest and I’m so glad I did! Your trip looks like so much fun! I adore the camera you used and your adorable circle skirt.


  4. I LOVE these photos! They have a very soft look to them, and in a way, reminded me of the look many classic films have. It’s so beautiful. While I really appreciate the “instant gratification” of digital cameras, I’ve never seen one that can produce photos like this. Plus, there’s something to be said about the anticipation of waiting to see how your photos turned out.

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  6. OH! I love this skirt/outfit. Just found your blog (thinking of what skirt to make myself for my next Disneyland trip) and I’m in love with it all. Wonderful work!

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    • Hi Alex,

      I had found some delightful thin, tall ones that folded over nicely at Target. They quit producing them in packs of six though, and are now only available in packs with socks that are designed the same, but of colors other than white. I also found some more athletic socks, that give the appearance of folded over socks, but are not. I also purchased those at Target.

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