Buy ALL the Jewelry!

Yesterday brought the spring antique expo here in Portland, and I was delighted to attend.  For those of you who follow my Twitter and Facebook pages, you may have noticed that I posted that father-in-law passed away.  We have been very busy with all of the necessary arrangements, and needless to say, it has been difficult, so going for a full day of shopping with my father was a nice escape.

For the most part, it was a kind of flimsy show.  I have such a wide array of interests and I collect a broad range of things, so often I come home with loads of random treasures.  This year I saw many things I wanted to take home that my pocket book wouldn’t allow, and instead came home with just jewelry. And purely western/Mexican and WWII sweetheart jewelry at that…

My favorite piece has to be this eagle with photo slip dangle.  I immediately came home and printed off a picture of my grandfather (my dad’s dad) to slip inside it.

I also picked up not one, but two of these fabulous plastic little military buddies…I know the sailor boy is missing an arm, I just think of him as a receiver of the Purple Heart.  I also picked up this clear Lucite eagle and a small silver “V” pin.

With respects to the western/Mexican jewelry, I purchased two more charms for the western-themed charm bracelet that my dad created me for Christmas, a saddle and a pair of chaps.  I also picked up two plastic pins, a man riding a donkey and carrying a jug, and a palm tree, which while two separate pieces, I thought they would make a nice, almost scatter pin-like scene.

I also had the pleasure of bumping into Solanah of Vintage Vixen, and her friend Marjorie Mink who recently started blogged with Reviving Vintage.  We chit-chatted for awhile, sharing our treasures, and discussing the upcoming Titanic Tea that Solanah is hosting next month.

I hope the weekend is treating you all lovely!

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