Titanic – 100 Years Later

Unless you live under a rock, you’re aware that today marks the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.  I’ve been interested in the Titanic prior to the 1997 film, and it is this interest that spurred my desire to attend Solanah’s tea commemorating the sinking.  Earlier I blogged about the dress I was making for the event.  Well, I can now proudly present it!

Dressed to the nines, we all met at the Grant House along Officer’s Row in Fort Vancouver area for a lovely sit-down tea and gossip of course.  We had the whole house and grounds to ourselves and we were able to explore, and, of course, take pictures…

I hitched a ride with Rhiannon, of Garb-Oh Vintage, who dressed up as an Edwardian child in this adorable sailor inspired outfit.

Julie of Fab Gabs attended in an amazing dress she actually picked up from Rhiannon!

The lovely Margorie of Reviving Vintage, who I met at Expo, also attended with her friend who is into the regency scene.  There is an event planned for June at the Pittock Mansion that Solanah and I may get together and sew some outfits for the event.

After the tea we had a lovely stroll around Officer’s Row, enjoying the sun.  I had such a wonderful time, and was so pleased to meet other like-minded people, and of course play dress up.  It isn’t often we get to dress in fashions pre-1920…

7 thoughts on “Titanic – 100 Years Later

    • Aww, thanks! And you are most welcome! I am so glad to live in an area where I am blessed to know people like you and Julie who are so willing and interested in doing events like this. Thanks for being such a lovely hostess!

  1. This looks like such a fun event and oh my! How smart and talented are you to sew such an amazing dress?! I’m in awe! You look stunning. 🙂

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