Mad Men a Go-Go

Last night once again found Patrick and myself at the Hollywood for an evening of drinks and the shenanigans of SCDP.  And this time, I couldn’t help breaking out the go-go boots…

The dress was my mother’s.  I love having things from her closet.  Here you can see her in the dress in front of her college graduation presents.

These later 60s fashions in the show have really given me a bit of a throwback to my early days in vintage when I relied upon my mum’s high school and college wardrobe.  And just like my outfit from episode 503, this dress also once belonged to my mum.  And despite how amazing I thought I looked, I lost out in the Best Dressed contest, to a gal in what appeared to be a late 50s or early 60s black lace party dress with a lovely boat neckline.  She also rocked a crinoline, and although crinolines were just about out of vogue by 1966, they’re always good in my book.  Patrick made the observation that it isn’t who’s the most period accurate, but who is dressed the fanciest.  Oh well.

Dress: Was my mother’s
Headband: The Clothes Horse, Eugene
Earrings: Antique Alley, Portland
Brooch: Don’t remember…I’ve had it since middle school.
Bangles: Gifts over the years
Go-go boots: Ebay

Other Episode Outfits
501/502, 503, 504, 506, 507, 509, 510, 511, 512, 513

Once again, the rest of the entry discusses the episode and there be spoilers ahead…

The evening’s episode was another gem in the already bejeweled crown of marvelous episodes.  Between Don’s ridiculous, yet amazing, plaid sport coat (a piece that was made, not found) and the fight between Lane and Pete, the episode had the entire audience laughing and applauding throughout the evening.  Lane continues to be a marvelously complex character and I look forward to how the dynamic changes now in the office with that little showdown now in everyone’s minds.  And will that kiss between him and Joan lead to anything?  Now that Joan kicked out Mr. Rapist (finally!) she’s on the market again, although, she still had her wedding ring on it looked like, so maybe she hasn’t told anyone in the office yet?  I was also interested in the friendship between Peggy and Ken that suddenly seems to be watertight without any other previous on-screen action.  Suddenly Peggy is interested in jumping ship? And wherever Ken goes, she’ll go?  Until next week, I guess!

9 thoughts on “Mad Men a Go-Go

  1. LOVE the go go boots! You looks truly fabulous. 🙂
    Trudy was sporting a large crinoline with a couple of her dresses during this week’s episode.

    It was yet another great episode and it’s so intriguing to see how each character is developing. I think I now completely won over by Megan and it’s interesting to see the changes in Don and Pete. I was so glad Lane hit him. I was a little caught out by the Ken and Peggy pack too… did we miss something there?

    • Trudy seems to be a bit more old fashioned, so I think she clings a bit more to those super flouncy dresses.

      I know, I’m wondering there too with Ken and Peggy. Or maybe that was just the introduction for the audience. But regardless, I am looking forward to what will happen. Although, I really don’t think they can get rid of Peggy’s character – she’s just too fantastic!

  2. Thank you so much for the Liebster blog award dear, I love your blog so much and it is such an honour to be picked by you 😀 I will be doing a post soon to pass on the award to some lovely bloggers!

    This dress is fantastic, your mother had such great style in the 60s! The dress makes me think of something the pretty girl from the driving school that Pete was flirting with might wear. I wonder if that relationship will go any further…! Also, I am a little disappointed that they haven’t mentioned anything about that Dolores girl that Lane had a thing with over the phone.
    I kind of can’t warm up to Megan and Don being together…it just seems too perfect and boring! She is a gorgeous girl and all, but I am hoping Don and Betty might get back eventually…

    • You are most welcome, my dear!

      I too am disappointed in the fact that the Dolores thing hasn’t gone anywhere. Maybe it won’t…maybe it was just a peek into Lane’s unhappiness regarding his marriage. I really didn’t want to like Megan and Don being together, but I’m warming up to it. The fact that Don hasn’t go off chasing some other woman is refreshing. That for me was getting old and tiresome.

  3. I love it! I have some red-haired friends who refuse to wear this shade. Immlinking them to this so they can see how awesome it looks! Also, I am about two seasons behind on Mad Men so had to cover my eyes past the outfit pics.

    • Yes! There are so many colors I thought I couldn’t wear because of my hair color or skin tone, but you really never know until you try things on. So I highly encourage your friends to get adventurous with color!

      Oh! I hope you can catch up soon!

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