100 Percent Less Joan

Last night brought another flock of people to the Hollywood Theatre to watch Mad Men on the big screen.  And another Best Dressed contest.  For the evening, I wore a number that was my mum’s from her years at college…

Take a peek at my mum in the dress.  She enjoyed pairing it with a red with white polka-dot bow.

While there were about 30 people who came up on stage for the season premiere, last night only four, including myself, braved the stage lights.  I didn’t win, but I was okay with that. I lost to a well dressed older woman.  I think next week though I’ll break out my fringe dress, and that’ll wow ’em!  And at some point the go-go boots will make an appearance!

As for the episode itself…it was tad disappointing, I won’t lie. As our host Nico Bella put it, the episode had “100 percent less Joan than last time”.  Instead the episode brought back Betty, in a manner I wasn’t quite expecting, and focused on Peggy being passed over for “someone with a penis” as Roger put it with regards to the return of Mohawk Airlines to the agency, as well as some more insight into Roger and Don.  I enjoyed their private conversation over Pete’s dig, and Don discussing Betty’s possible cancer.  I am also eager to see if Don’s new, African-American secretary, Dawn, will become anything aside from being part of a Don/Dawn joke.

Dress: Was my mother’s
Earrings: Antique Alley
Shoes: The Clothes Horse, Eugene

Other Episode Outfits
501/502, 504, 505, 506, 507, 509, 510, 511, 512, 513

12 thoughts on “100 Percent Less Joan

  1. Oooh… can’t wait to see the go-go boots! 🙂

    It was definitely an interesting episode. Betty was most unexpected! I don’t know if I agree that Peggy was overlooked for the Mowhawk account. I felt she was considered to busy doing everything else? It’ll be interesting to see how that dynamic works.

    I’m so happy Mad Men is back! 😀

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