“You Don’t Want Most of It. You Want All of It”

Another Sunday…Another Mad Men…Another swingin’ 60s outfit…

Last night I really broke out the mod with this geometric navy and cream mini dress.  Look at that hemline!  I came in a very close second in the evening’s best dressed contest.  I lost out to a gal that I’ve chatted with quite a few times over the course of the season.  She went to the Art Institute for fashion design and has quite the eye.

Gallaut of California Dress: Buffalo Exchange, Portland
Earrings: Antique Alley, Portland
Bangle: Was my mum’s
Shoes: STARS Antique Mall, Portland

Other Episode Outfits
501/502, 503, 504, 505, 506, 507, 509, 510, 511, 513

The rest of this entry discusses the episode, with severe spoilers, and I give a few predictions for the finale…

No, really, insane spoilers.  Really. Do not. I repeat. Do not continue reading unless you have seen the episode.

You saw it, right?

Okay. Good.

Just checking.

First off, let’s get the elephant out of the room.  Lane’s suicide.  I thought after the moment with the Jaguar, since it was rather comical, that he had reconsidered the idea.  However, when Joan had difficulty with the door, I knew it.  What I was not prepared for were the gruesome shots that followed.  Yeah. I’ll be having nightmares.  Sometimes I feel that having a character commit suicide is a bit of a cop-out, and here, I felt it was.  I’ll be honest.  I really felt that Lane could have kept his chin up, stuck with the lie of resigning, and shipped off back to England, heck, his wife would have loved it! All she did was complain about how much she hated America.  And he would have simply no longer been a part of Mad Men‘s plot line.  Done.  Unless his suicide, specifically suicide, not just the fact that he is no longer there, has some sort of impact on the company or characters, than it was a waste.  I can already see how Don is going to blame himself.  As for what Lane’s absence means for the company, Joan will step into his role as chief financial officer.

Now let’s get to Sally.  So called it.  As soon as she said she didn’t feel good, I knew it was coming.  I enjoyed this small plot line, and I felt that it brought home the fact that Megan will never been Sally’s mother.  And I felt it validated a bit of the Betty storyline throughout the season.

Eep! Season finale next week!

6 thoughts on ““You Don’t Want Most of It. You Want All of It”

  1. That episode really was equals parts amazing and gut wrenching. I can’t wait to see what happens next week. So many possibilities!

    You look fabulous in blue!

  2. This season of MM went by so quickly – especially after such an excruciatingly long hiatus. I imagine that you’re right about Lane and that it will effect Don in some major way. They focused a lot on his reaction during those scenes. This show really needs to have more episodes per season! That way, we get to see more fabulous outfit posts from you as well! The dress is gorgeous and the shoes are my favorite – that color of blue really pops!

  3. What an amazing dress! I love the blue and white together, they look so crisp.
    I discovered your blog a while ago and then forgot it again and just rediscovered it when Julie posted about the fur capes. Now I have it marked so I won’t lose it again! Your style is wonderful.

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