Floral Fun

Yesterday I joined many other of my well dressed vintage friends for an afternoon Garden Party filled with treats and sangria at the lovely home of Garb-Oh Vintage owner Rhiannon.

Prior to my ride over to Rhiannon’s, I took some pictures of my full ensemble.

This late 1950s or early 1960s number is another from my dear friend Alicia.  I feel so honored that she passes along her past treasures to me.  I simply adore the composition of this dress with the large bouquet burst in the bodice and cascading flowers throughout the skirt.

It was a lovely afternoon, despite the scattered showers. Oh, Oregon…

Also in attendance (although I failed to capture their beautiful dresses) were Lulu of Portland’s shop, Lulu’s Vintage and Jennifer of Jambalaya Vintage.  Rhiannon was a gracious host and let us dig through her as-is pile, and many of us took home multiple garments.  Hannah was lucky enough to score some 1940s shoes! In white! I brought home some blouses.  And I even received a present from Solanah! She gave me her Grand Canyon blouse! Since it was embroidered with what appeared to be jackalopes and I simply adore jackalopes. I am so very honored!

Dress: Gift from Alicia
Hat: Urban Eccentric, Vancouver, Washington
Necklace: Was my mother’s
Bracelet: I am pretty sure Forever 21, circa 2005
Ring: The Clothes Horse, Eugene, Oregon
Vintage Stockings: ???
Shoes: Aerosoles via Buffalo Exchange

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