Three Dames Drinking

Wednesday night I had the absolute pleasure to go out with Julie of FabGabs as Solanah of  Vixen Vintage for cocktails.  The occasion?  We all had fur stole capes.  But before we get to that…Patrick snapped a few pictures before leaving, as to get a view of my stunning dress for the evening…

Julie’s is made of raccoon fur! How amazing is that? And check out those bangles.

I horrifically didn’t take any pictures of Solanah with my camera, since I was so busy taking pictures of her with her camera! So you’re just going to have to pop over to her blog to see her adorableness.  We first stopped in at Teardrop for some cocktails, where we received many a compliment.

Followed later by tasty noshing at Hotel Deluxe. Where I was an absolute goose, and left my camera in the car, and being too lazy to go back and get it, left without a single snap shot of the gorgeous place.  But I believe I will be making many more returns. So just stay tuned.

Cape: FabGabs
Dress: Garb-Oh Vintage
Eisenberg Earrings: Errr…I don’t remember…
Vintage Stockings: Guh…don’t remember either…
Shoes: Buffalo Exchange

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