“Surprise! There’s an Airplane Here to See You!”

Ah, Sundays.  Sure, the weekend is over, but it also means it’s Mad Men time.  Once again we attended the weekly screening at Portland’s historic Hollywood Theatre.

Unlike previous nights, this dress isn’t really anything special, just a 60s number I picked up a few years ago and bears an “Alper Schwartz” label in the waist.  I love the collar detailing that leaves a perfect spot for a brooch.

While I didn’t win best dressed this time, I lost out to the lovely lady who makes the extremely delicious Pink Slip Jam that I raved about.  She looked stunning in a vintage little black dress.

Earrings & Brooch: Antique Alley, Portland
Pen Necklace: Brownsville Antique Show
Alper Schwartz Dress: Buffalo Exchange, Eugene
Mr. Easton Shoes: The Mercantile Antique Mall, Springfield

Other Episode Outfits
501/502, 503, 504, 505, 506, 507, 509, 511, 512, 513

Next week our darling hostess Nico Bella of Fleur de Lethal Cinematheque will be traipsing around the real Madison Avenue, and supper club star Tony Starlight is slated as her fill in.

For more on the episode (including spoilers)…

I can say that this episode was pretty enjoyable for the most part.  There were some delightful insights and charming moments, however some rather annoying focus on a character I hate, more on that later.  But gosh, they just whizzed right through 1967, didn’t they?  Okay, so which character do I hate? I hate Harry.  I’ve always thought he was so slimy.  Sure, what he did for Paul was nice, but, ugh, he really disgusts me.  I’m glad that there have never been any episodes that really focus on him and show what occurs while he is out on the west coast.  The “convention whores” line a few episodes back was enough for me.  Regarding Paul’s reappearance, I will admit, I was quite taken aback.  Sure, Paul was always a bit of a Bohemian in earlier seasons, but this later incarnation of him was just a little too much for me, and on the slightly unbelievable side.  I was rather disappointed that it wasn’t discussed in the behind-the-scenes video on AMC’s website.  Then we have Lane, oh, poor, poor Lane.  What have you gotten yourself into?  I’ll be honest, I thoroughly like Lane (despite his occasional stray).  I hope his little forgery doesn’t get him into too much trouble.  And finally, Joan.  Thank goodness we finally got to see some more Joanie.  While it’s sad that Greg is the one initiating the divorce, I’m glad she will finally and officially be rid cad.  I quite enjoyed the exchange between her and Don in the bar, and for a moment there I thought things were going to go too far, but thank goodness they didn’t.  I quite like Don right where he is.  I think one night I tallied that he had slept with at least twelve women and that’s just that we know about!  I love the fashion example that he’s setting, but not the rest of it…no.

4 thoughts on ““Surprise! There’s an Airplane Here to See You!”

  1. Incredible, absolute Joan perfection, you’ve even got the pen necklace!!!
    This episode was interesting, for a moment there I thought Don was going to come onto Joan too! Isn’t it interesting though the way Megan was very Betty-esque in her confrontation with Don when he came home? Almost a subversion of Betty’s character…

    Harry is pretty bad…but a saint compared to Pete! Pete is just such a creepy slime ball…just eww!

    I couldn’t believe what happened to Paul but I thought it was interesting because the Manson murders occurred around 1967-68 and that was the heyday of the Manson cult. So I am curious as to whether Paul’s involvement with the Hari Khrishna cult is an analogy of this? As in, the character of “Mother Lakshmi” is very reflective of the way that Manson’s cult recruited girls to go around and use sex to recruit followers…hmm.

  2. You look so lovely in red and that is definitely the perfect little spot for a brooch!

    I was so glad to see Lane back this episode but what is he doing?! I only foresee more trouble for him. The exchange between Don and Joan was wonderful and it’s interesting to see him being a little open to Megan about missing her in the work place.

  3. I’m positively swooning over your pen necklace. Stellar touch, it looked especially lovely against that vibrant ruby dress.

    Wishing you a stellar Tuesday,
    ♥ Jessica

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