The Perfect Fur – Better Late Than Never

Friday afternoon found me and my friend Angelica, as well as her cousin and aunt, driving over to the home of Julie Bergmans, owner of Fab Gabs, for a wonderful as-is sale.  This gal had six, count ’em, SIX, clothing racks in her living room full of vintage goodies and a bit of some amusing circus/Burning Man clothing items.  Oh, and did I mention there were cookies and rum punch as well?  My eyes and taste buds were quite happy.  As we perused the racks, Twila Jean stopped in, baby in tow, and we had a lovely time chit-chatting when I saw it…and it wasn’t on the rack, it was on Angelica’s cousin.  A fitted cape.  My heart stopped.  I had simply skipped over the coat section, thinking to myself “Don’t bother looking, you certainly don’t need anymore coats!” (and seriously, I really don’t. there isn’t room to move in our coat closet) and that is what I had missed!? But thank goodness, I was super relieved when Angelica’s cousin opted not to buy it and I scooped it up and put it on…oh, I was in love…and I took it home for a mere $5. Yes. Five. And isn’t it simply gorgeous?

Why was it only $5 and not in Julie’s lovely Etsy shop? It needed some repairs, but nothing I wasn’t prepared to fix.  I also picked up a delightful little blue skirt, a slip and a girdle.  All rather practical items, if I do say so myself.  While it’s a bit sad I found this treasure just as the weather is warming up, I know I’ll have a few days to enjoy it, since everyone knows that summer does ever start until July 5th here in Oregon.

Hat: Thrifted
Cape: Fab Gabs
Dress: Red Light, Portland
Stockings: Metro, Portland
Shoes: Thrifted

8 thoughts on “The Perfect Fur – Better Late Than Never

  1. My goodness. That shopping event sounds like a dream and that coat is amazing. Capes are the best.

  2. Oh my word, it truly is marvelous! Ravishingly elegant, gorgeous and can be, and had for the absolute bargain of the century.

    Wishing you a stellar Thursday,
    ♥ Jessica

  3. Tres, tres jaloux! I spent that day at work, three hours away, with that fb invite mocking me! I’m all for fixer uppers if the price is right (I mean, you are talking to the girl who hangs around the Goodwill bins waiting for the pickers to deem that ’40s dress “unsellable” and then I snag their rejects)… yep! I doubt Julie’s “throw backs” are even close to that state! If anyone deserves it, it is you!

    ❤ sara

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