Mail Call!

One thing I truly love about the vintage community is that we look out for each other in the sense that many of us have a niche style and when we see something or have something another gal might be interested in, we offer it up, link to it, or, thanks to the 21st century, snap a picture and send it via text message.  Another thing about vintage girls is that we don’t really like to let things go.  Even if an item might not fit anymore.  We just kind of hoard dresses and such until, one day, you meet someone who you know will love the dress just as much as you did, and you know they’ll fit into it.  And recently, this fabulous dress was bestowed upon me due to my love of novelty prints…

Can’t quite tell what’s all over the dress?  Take a closer look…

Yes, those a tiny little postmen and itty bitty letters!

I was simply giddy over it.  It was just so silly!

And did I mention my grandfather was a mail carrier? My mum’s dad spent the majority of his years after the war delivering mail in Nampa, Idaho.  So, I think the dress will hold a pretty special place in my heart. And closet for that matter.

14 thoughts on “Mail Call!

  1. So fabulously cool! That has to be one of my favourite novelty prints ever (loving good mail days as I do). You, your dress, and your fantastic hair all look gorgeous!

    Wishing you a serenely lovely Sunday,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Wow! I love that dress, the print is astounding! What a lovely gift! Plus, your hair looks wonderful. 🙂 I’m really enjoying reading your blog xox

  3. That is the best novelty print I have ever seen, and that is such a fun colour. Also, LOVE those earrings. I used to have a similar pair but lost one running from a crazy taxi driver.

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