Vintage Must Have: Bullet Bra

Alright, ladies. Let’s talk about your boobs. Your “yabbos”, the girls, breasts.  For vintage girls, we live in a very different bra state than the rest of the ladies out there.  When I first started shopping for vintage on a heavier scale I came across a common problem.  The darts in the breast region were not where they were suppose to be. Not even close.  At first I thought “Oh, this must have been made for someone who was built different than I.” No. No, it happened way too often for that.  Then it dawned on me as I was rewatching the film Ed Wood for the millionth time. It was my bra. My bras were all wrong!

Image take from a Warner’s Ad from the October 16, 1956 issue of Look

Vintage bras, especially those of the 1940s through the 1960s, were built in more of a cone shape than rather a round shape, like those of today.  They are more commonly referred to as “bullet bras” for their shape.  So, what’s a vintage girl to do? It’s not like you can go to Target or even Victoria’s Secret to get yourself one of these.  Now and again you will run across bullet bras at vintage clothing shops or thrift stores, but not all that often.  So, that’s when the internet becomes your friend.  If it isn’t already.  Vintage bullet bras are available on Etsy, simply by searching for “bullet bra” in their search bar (with “vintage” selected, of course).  In fact, fellow Pacific Northwest vintage gal Twila Jean sells deadstock, dyed-to-order bullet bras in her Etsy shop!

However, if wearing someone else’s bra makes you feel uncomfortable, there are a handful of websites out there that are making bullet bras new.  Including Secrets in Lace, a sultry website specializing in glamorous underthings, and many girls I know favor What Katie Did and their selection of vintage inspired lingerie. And if you would like to read about my experiences with some bullet bras currently on the market, check out The Bullet Bra Revue a series in which I review various bullet bras.

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6 thoughts on “Vintage Must Have: Bullet Bra

  1. I’d like to try one of these. Thanks for including a number of options, since I do sort of agree that wearing someone else’s used bra does make meel feel uneasy.

  2. My problem is im super top heavy and now breast pumping for my little one so sizes are hard to come by! But i do believe you’re right! Ill have to search.

  3. I love vintage bras and wear the small collection I have often (I find them very comfortable, on the whole). One modern option I’ve found that can often deliver similar shaping (garment fitting) results are structured longline bras. Of all of my current undergarments (new or old), these are my favourite (and so far they’ve worked perfectly with my vintage garments).

    Wishing you a stellar weekend,
    ♥ Jessica

  4. Hi Janey,
    Thank you for commenting on my blog. I’ve just written a post on Bullet Bras and have included a link to this post of yours, as it’s a wonderful source of information! I hope this is alright. x

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