Getting My Mad Men On

Last night we enjoyed yet another lovely evening at the historic Hollywood Theatre to watch Mad Men on the big screen.  This evenings outfit was brought to you mostly by my grandmother.

I took home this dress (and necklace) during our period of cleaning out her things after she passed away.  Sadly, she didn’t keep much of her clothing from the past.  You can actually see her wearing this dress (and belt!) in this family photo from 1965.

Check out all those nifty glasses everyone is rockin’! My mum is the one on the right in the red sweater.

And guess what! This girl won Best Dressed! I competed against some very lovely gals and one gent, actually! One girl had a marvelous mod coat that I would love to have in my closet one day! Last night’s prize was not just two passes to the Hollywood, but also a jar of Pink Slip Jam!

Okay, I am not joking at all when I say that this is seriously the best jam I have ever had grace my lips. And you want to know what makes it so yummy? The fact that it is made with organic strawberries, cane sugar and lemon juice. Yes, that is it!  It is perfectly sweet with a slight tang due to the lemon and is simply delightful.  I could eat it all day.  You can get your hands on some of this deliciousness (which is Naked Fraises, along with many other flavors) by purchasing on-line using the above link.

I will not have an entry for next week’s episode, since Patrick and I will be up in the air, flying back from San Francisco while the episode is airing, and will have to catch it on OnDemand later in the week.

Earrings & Bracelet: Gift
Necklace, Dress, & Belt: Were my grandmother’s
Shoes: Yeah, yeah, I know you’ve seen ’em before! I simply don’t have very many pairs of 60s (or 60s style) shoes…Anyhow, Hollywood Babylon, Portland.
Purse: The Clothes Horse, Eugene

Other Episode Outfits
501/502, 503, 504, 505, 506, 509, 510, 511, 512, 513

Read about the episode (spoiler alert!) after the cut!

Wow! Another “home run!” (aw, Peggy, wondering if they have baseball in Canada…) I loved that we got more inside look into Megan and her family.  There are obviously a lot of issues there.  Between her father being a socialist, and her mother giving Roger a BJ, (and who knows what the woman has done in the past!) Megan’s upbringing must have been colorful.  I thought it was interesting the unfinished discussion between Megan and her father – it eluded to the notion that Megan at one point had another career goal.  Possibly singing?  Then we had poor Sally.  I know that when I was around Sally’s age the most I got to wear was lip gloss!  I loved the exchanges she and Roger were having throughout the night, and then she just gets crushed when she observes the “exchange” between Roger and Megan’s mother.  The episode had more girl troubles with Peggy.  I love the conversations between Joan and Peggy.  In the beginning of the show, there was a rift, and a misunderstanding, but now they have bonded and have lovely little intimate moments where they are so honest about everything.  I would love to see them go out for drinks so Joan and start talking about Greg no longer being around and how she is coping with that.  I’m not sure how Peggy really feels about Abe not proposing, because I think she was really ready for it, especially after she and Joan had their discussion.  She was able to think about what she wanted out of their relationship.  But I do think that living together is a step in the right direction, and works for Peggy at this stage of her life.  I really felt bad for Peggy when her mother became upset regarding Peggy and Abe moving in together.  My mother said she didn’t really “buy into that” saying that people didn’t really do that yet.  I had to remind my mother that New York City is not Nampa, Idaho, and that things may have been a little different.  Another interesting moment was Megan’s move that saved the Heinz account.  I felt so bad for Peggy, after she struggled so, so hard with producing a good idea, and then here comes Megan, who just waltzes in with a brilliant idea.  However, I must I felt her idea “through the years”/”some things never change” was cliche , and has happened a lot, recently actually.  Pepsi did a great one not too long ago (2009), Clorox as well, an ad which ran frequently actually during season four of Mad Men, and currently Budwieser is running a similar one too.  However, I will admit, none of these examples go into the future, as Megan’s idea suggested.

As always, I am very eager to see what happens in the next installment! With Roger leaving Jane and Joan kicking out Greg, will the two return to each other?

4 thoughts on “Getting My Mad Men On

  1. Ohhh congratulations on winning, you’ve deserved to since the start of the season!

    This episode was crazy! Poor Sally! I did love the interaction between her and Roger though, too cute. I too wonder what Megan’s father meant…I keep thinking it might be acting/singing…hmm. As for Peggy, I keep thinking she and Ginsberg are going to get together…there seems to be some chemistry there!

  2. Congrats on winning best dressed! I love that you won in your grandmother’s dress and I love you have a family portrait of her wearing it! All of those glasses are rocking!

    Each episode just goes from strength to strength and Megan is so intriguing. She is the perfect wife for Don and yet… there’s just something lurking in the background!

    When I saw Sally wearing those go-go boots of thought of you! And was that a Bonwit Teller shopping bag she was toting? Jealous!

    • I get that feeling too with Megan. There is something we do not yet know about her.

      I don’t recall the bag she had. But if it was Bonwit Teller, I wouldn’t be surprised. Remember when Joan quit Sterling Cooper because she thought she would become Greg’s little housewife? She ended up working there to pick up some extra cash.

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