“But You Said Grey, Sir.”

If you’ve been following me on Twitter or are my friend on Facebook, then you will have fallen victim to my endless ramblings about my daunting search for The Grey Suit from Vertigo for my upcoming trip to San Francisco.  Yes, I am that much of a film geek that I feel that I simply cannot go to San Francisco without the grey suit!

I searched Portland high and low and visited many shops I don’t often go into (for reasons mentioned in my stagecoach skirt post).  Sure, I found a grey suit here or a grey jacket there, but they were not it.  I had friends posting links to Etsy and Ebay listings, and all I could respond with was “No. That’s not it.”  I felt like Scottie in the film when he is attempting to buy the suit for Judy in the salon…a model glides across the salon floor,  Scottie says, “No. That’s not it.  Nothing like it.” The shop girl says “But you said grey, sir.” and Scottie responds with my same exact feelings, “Now look, I just want an ordinary grey suit!”  I had been finding daintily accented suits with cord detailing, or adorable bows, but nothing simple and plain enough.  Just like Scottie said before the shop girl remembered the suit, “No, no.  None of them are right.”  Finally, with a mere two days left I stumbled upon the closest I’d found at Bombshell Vintage.  And while I feel like I settled a bit (don’t get me wrong, it’s a fabulous suit in itself!), I knew I may not find another suit as close as this one, or if I did it would be some horrendously high price.

Then came the blouse troubles…when Scottie follows Madeleine she is wearing the grey suit with a wrap blouse under.  I have yet to find one of these, however I did have a Dickie pattern that would work just perfectly.  So, I was off to my second home; Fabric Depot.  Cotton and ribbon in hand, I returned home to knock out the Dickie.  I’m happy with the result, and it will make good use with many 20-some odd collection of 40s and 50s blazers.

Since I feel this outfit is so iconic, I am hesitant to post images of the full suit or look prior to my trip.  For now, here’s just a peek…

And, yes, I will be doing my hair as well.  I have already mapped out all the locations I intend on visiting, thanks to the book Footsteps in the Fog, and am eager to see all that I can see while in San Fran.  I hope you all have a lovely weekend, I will be blogging with loads of photos upon my return next week!

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