I’m Ready for My Close Up

Over the weekend I had the absolute pleasure of being a part of a vintage fashion documentary.  Awhile back, a gal named Justine contacted me about possibly participating in her film.  I immediately said yes, and after e-mailing back and forth, she came to visit and we spent the weekend shopping, filming and chatting about vintage clothing, pin-up style, and even Disneyland.

On Saturday, she, with the aid of her boyfriend followed around not only Patrick and myself, but Solanah and Julie too as we shopped at Bombshell Vintage and Hattie’s Vintage.

I purchased two skirts, an H Bar C blouse, some pretty kitschy earrings shaped like straw hats, and Patrick bought himself a suit jacket.

On Sunday, Justine sat down to do an at home interview with me, where I discussed my passion for vintage, and shared a few of my favorite pieces.

She also joined me for the season finale of Mad Men at the Hollywood.

Prior to her visit, Justine covered events such as Viva Las Vegas and interviewed several store owners about the allure of vintage and pin-up style.  She was an absolute doll and such pleasure to work with, and I was delighted to discover we had so much in common.  Justine is still hard at work on her film, which has the title of Vintage Vixens.  She currently has a Facebook page, which you can “like” to stay up to date on her film’s progress.

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