Sizzling Vintage

This past weekend brought one of my favorite events of the year…the summer antique show at the Portland Expo Center.  Hosted by Palmer Wirfs, the summer Expo has over a thousand dealers selling various items ranging from fine furnishings from the turn-of-the-century to vintage clothing to collectable toys.

I attended all three days of the show this go’round, including day one with Rhiannon of Garb-Oh Vintage (and my latest sponsor I might add!) and we bumped into Lulu of Lulu’s Vintage, day two with my dad, and day three with Patrick and my friend Angelina who had never been before.

My pocket book full of cash, I walked up and down the aisles on the hunt.  While many things caught my eye, I ultimately walked home with bags full of vintage clothing (a few pieces for me and a few for the shop) including an amazing two piece sailor style outfit, a few dresses, blouses and even a girdle, bullet bra and multiple pairs of fully-fashioned stockings!  These are all things I’m keeping for myself…you’ll have to peek into The Atomic Hideaway Portland location near the end of the week to see if there’s anything you need!

I also scored some stellar anti-LBJ/war buttons (I believe I will soon need to do an entry regarding this collection of buttons), a celluloid reindeer brooch, and a two foot aluminum Christmas tree (which makes it the 16th one between myself and my dad…I think…)

I also snatched up a fantastic birthday present for a friend, but I’m keeping that under wraps…

There are quite a few more antique shows between now and the next Expo, which is in October, that I’m greatly looking forward to attending.

Stay tuned to my Twitter, Facebook or Etsy to see items when they are listed!

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