Vintage Holiday Feature

Ages ago I met an editor at Engaged Media (the publishing powerhouse behind vintage favorites such as Atomic Ranch and Flea Market Decor) and we talked about our apartment being featured in their special holiday issue, Vintage Holiday. However, we were house hunting, I believe we may have even made an offer on a house, and if everything went how I originally intended, we would have been moving when they needed to shoot. I was beyond flattered at the proposal, and sad to say no. Well, that Christmas season came and went, but not without the editor contacting me, saying she saw we decorated, and was wondering if we would leave it up a wee bit longer to have them come shoot it. It was a surreal experience, but very fun, and I am happy to say you can see our (soon to be old) place in the issue that just hit newsstands!

There were things the editor brought to the table (both literally and figuratively) including the stockings, and got cute and creative with some of my suitcases in our bedroom. But that I believe is par for the course with any magazine on any subject. I was so flattered at the whole notion and that she thought to include items from my wardrobe that I wear during the holiday season!

For those interested in purchasing, I saw the magazine at Target and Barnes and Nobel. I have heard it is also available at some grocery stores, including Smart and Final, as well as Publix if you’re in the southeast. If you can’t get your hands on a copy, I know Engaged also does digital copies, and you can still enjoy my post from last year when I took pictures to share on the blog!

Disclosure: I was not paid for this feature or to write about or publicize the issue. I’m just that darn excited!

Cool Yule

Last week Patrick and I blasted some Christmas tunes and decorated for Christmas. It takes a couple of days to get everything sorted and put up. Between last year and this, we acquired some more vintage Christmas decorations, including a vintage wall-hanging aluminum tree! As well as some more delightful vintage ceramic pieces that belonged to my great grandmother.

What is your favorite part of the holidays? I really love decorating and listing to Christmas music. I have a massive collection, which I’m always eager to add more to, especially quirky, weird stuff. Last year I added Bad Religion’s Christmas album and Bonnie McKee’s “California Winter”, which has the most adorable music video! This year I’ve already added to the collection too, with selections from Kacey Musgrave‘s new Christmas album, which included a cover of my favorite Christmas song, “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas”.

Christmas Cheer

When it comes to decorating for Christmas, I used to be of the opinion strictly no Christmas decorating or music until the day after Thanksgiving. Over the years my love of decorating has increased (as has the amount of decorations), and I hauled out the Christmas boxes in mid-November, so our place has been decorated for a few weeks now, but we’ve been so busy I just now had time to photograph!

This year we welcomed two new trees to our collection. Another small silver one, and a large six and a half foot green one. My dad had actually purchased this green beauty a few years ago, and it was the main tree at his house for sometime, but three years of putting up and taking down the pink tapered branch aluminum tree has taken a toll on me and the tree. Last year, while putting it together, I noticed that if I put up just the upper half of the tree I could have quite the adorable three foot pink tree, so I requested that my dad mail me the green one. I love having three different colored aluminum trees and hope to one day lay my hands on a blue one!

Over the years I’ve noticed the amount of new decor items dwindle, and it’s to the point where nearly every piece is vintage (which a handful of exceptions), which makes me extremely happy. Christmas is such a nostalgic time, and it genuinely feels nice handling old items with such care. While some items are family pieces (such as the houses along the mantle, which belonged to my grandmother), many are items I’ve collected through making diligent rounds of antique malls during the Christmas season over the years. How do you decorate for the holidays? New items? New to you items? Or family pieces passed through generations or items loved ones have made?

It’s hard to talk about the holidays without thinking about gifts. And honestly, I’ve been rather terrible about my Christmas shopping so far, it seems I am finding far more for myself than others, because so many of the lovely, but expensive, shops I love have been having sales! But now it’s time to try and focus on others and the season of giving.

Merry Kitschmas!

While I finally finished decorating awhile ago, I hadn’t felt up to photographing, especially since the living room had become a bit of a sick bay for me, complete with blankets, humidifier and mug of tea, Jamba Juice, bottles of Gatorade, and a massive pile of DVDs. But I’ve been feeling better, and as December has arrived, I felt it time to share some of our holiday decor.

The ceramic Mary in the last picture is a new addition, and I adore her to no end. I’m tempted to leave her up year-round. You may have noticed there are quite a number of odd little reindeer. I’m obsessed with these little guys. Most were made by Japanese company Dakin, who created the Dream Pets, a line of kooky looking animals made of velveteen and filled with sawdust. But of course knock-offs surfaced over the years as they became more and more popular. The reindeer are by and far my favorite, and I lovingly call them my “demented reindeer collection”. The current tally is 31.

Like previous years, we managed to get four aluminum trees up! Though two are small, one-footer trees. Our two larger trees are entirely decorated with space themed ornaments, with images of stars and planets on them, and even a few with atoms!

This year took what seemed to be an awfully long time to decorate! I think it was a combination of a new space and being sick. But we eventually found home for everything! Though I won’t be surprised if in our Christmas shopping I come across more festive decor that will be added! Additionally this is the first time Patrick and I have had a fireplace! So we need to get ourselves stockings!

Have you decorated for Christmas yet?

Ring Those Christmas Bells

December has arrived! And with it, the anticipation of Christmas.  Today I finally wrapped up decorating and am eager to put presents under the tree, that is after I get myself Christmas shopping!

Last year a Christmas dream came true when we bought a pink aluminum Christmas tree, and I was so thrilled to put it up again this year.  It’s one of four aluminum trees we put up in our wee little apartment. Though two are little one footers, which don’t take up too much room.

And, yes, that is a little astronaut angel! How perfect, right? She came with my very first aluminum tree that I bought when I was still in high school.  Our two main tress are decorated purely in space themed ornaments, ones featuring planets, stars and there are even a few with atom like designs on them!  The other two trees are decorated with small, contemporary glass balls of red and green for the gold tree, and turquoise for the silver one.

Do you have your Christmas decorating done yet?

The Most Wonderful Time of Year

Happy December everyone!! After a bit of shopping this weekend we put the finishing touches to our Christmas decor…


Then we had our friend Anthony (who also shot our Halloween photos) come over to shoot our Christmas photo.

The above photo is what we will be sending out to friends and family this year, however, enjoy the following “outtakes”…




For several years now, I’ve made it my tradition to wear the same dress for our Christmas photo. Why?  Because it’s pretty gosh darn fantastic! Come on, how amazing is this dress? Am I right? A few years ago I saw it at a Eugene antique shop right before Christmas, and at the time, it was more than I wanted to pay, so I left it there. But a few weeks after the Christmas holiday I found myself returning to the shop and to my delight discovered that the dress was half off! So I snapped it up!

I hope the holiday season is treating you all well so far!

Why Hello There, Pink Aluminum Tree

First off, I hope all of you (US readers, that is) had a lovely Thanksgiving! And if you’re out shopping today, please be extra careful and courteous.

Last weekend Patrick and I attended the Plucky Maidens Junk Fest, a small but well worth while antique show. I’m always inclined to attend shows and shops I don’t often visit when it’s the holiday season because I’m always bound to find some vintage Christmas treasure!

The show was a combination of actual vintage times and created things and while there was lots to drool over at this show from clothes to chandeliers, I came home with several space themed Christmas ornaments, a beautiful dress (which is currently at the dry cleaners) and this…

Yes. It’s a PINK aluminum Christmas tree!! I’ve wanted one for AGES but they routinely go for $300 to over one thousand dollars. So Patrick and I didn’t hesitate (too much) when we saw the $225 price tag.  Additionally, this is my first tapered branch aluminum tree. The branches are of multiple lengths, instead of one length like my other aluminum trees.

Recently my dad scored a green aluminum tree and I already own a gold one, as well as several silvers, so now all I need is blue! Then I will have all of the colors!