Christmas Time is Here Again

Christmas is almost here, and we’ve decorated the house top to bottom for the holiday. It was our first Christmas with Houdini, and as he is a little more curious and rambunctious than Colonel Whiskers, we didn’t put up as many trees as in the past, so you’ll see that the pink and blue trees are missing. I also really wanted to keep our newly acquired coconut chair out for the holiday.

Owning a house means there are constantly new projects, and our latest one is that we finally bid farewell to the brown accordion wall and had a wall built to separate the hallway from the office! As part of it we had a nice little coat closet added to our entry way as well. We then promptly painted it green, although Patrick isn’t entirely sold on the shade yet, so who knows, maybe next time I show off the living room it will be a different color! I’m so thankful for this new wall, because it means that the artwork that once hung in the dining room can now hang there, which, for Christmas, means swaths of vintage wrapping paper that we have framed.

Overall view of the living room.

View of the three foot gold aluminum tree next to the six foot green tree, both of which sit next to a red coconut chair that has three vintage Santa dolls seated inside.

Overall view of part of our living room and dining room.

Close-up of some of the ornaments on the silver tree, the gold and green tress are visible in the background. Ornaments feature stars, planets, and atoms on them.

View of part of our living room with a record player, various Christmas records and a three foot vintage aluminum Christmas tree.

Close-up of a small silver aluminum tree with tiny red and green ornaments on it. On the left sits a tall green bottle and then a small red reindeer.

A small cardboard standee of Santa by a Christmas tree sits near our fireplace. Text reads "Free decorations in cartons of Coke"

View of part of our living room with three various aluminum trees, one in silver, one in gold, and one in green.

View of our corner end table, that features small plush reindeer and a photo folder from the Riviera Restaurant that has a reindeer on it and reads "Joyous Season Season's Greetings from Riviera Restaurant"

A built in room divider showcases various vintage Christmas cards, plush reindeer, and ceramic Santa planters.

Atop a window valance are two Christmas card boxes, each featuring Santa. In between the two boxes are three cans of fake snow. Hanging from the valance, like a clothes line, is a collection of cloth napkins, each featuring a different reindeer drinking.

A small silver aluminum tree sits on the counter of our kitchen next to our fireplace, hanging on the fireplace wall is a paper wreath with Santa in the middle. Various text reads "7up The Uncola The Man from Uncola Have UN after UNother after UNother after Unother"

View of part of the silver tree, with our TV in the background, which features a scene of Santa singing from the film Christmas Chronicles.

A ceramic deer head wearing a Santa hat sits next to a box of fake snow that features Santa and reindeer and reads "Hollywood Snow"

Overall view of our fireplace and built in bookcase that features various Christmas decor.

Close-up of the ornaments on the green aluminum tree. Ornaments feature stars, planets, and atoms on them.

Our fluffy grey cat, Colonel Whiskers sits next to a cat house made to look like a cardboard truck full of presents.

Overall view of our living room, with a large desert landscape in oranges and yellows hanging on the wall, between it and the couch are vintage Christmas cards and a vintage Coca-Cola advertisement. Sitting on the orange couches are Santa plush dolls. On the TV is a scene from Christmas Chronicles.

Close-up of the small gold aluminum tree that sits in the middle of our dining room. Below are two ceramic doves atop a green runner.

A shelf in our dining room features a variety of Christmas decor, including two small silver aluminum trees, small, Dream Pet reindeer, ceramic Santa and sleigh, ceramic angels, and ceramic Santa planters with bits of pine and berries in them.

Close-up of some Christmas records. Including one that features a cat, and text reading "Pussycat's Christmas"

View of our vintage shadow box over the fireplace, which features various ceramic gals dressed in Christmas garb, a ceramic NOEL candle holder, and a plastic Santa and sleigh.

Close-up of small cardboard houses that sit upon the TV.

Overall view of our dining room, which features a small, wall hanging aluminum tree on the wall, and a small gold aluminum tree in the middle. The shelf sits against the back wall, and next to it sit a blow mold Santa, blow mold lamp post, and blow mold snowman.

Two small 60s reindeer, one in red, one in green, stand next two a tray of Santa looking out into the stars with rockets flying by.

Close-up of some vintage Christmas cards, deer, and a ceramic planter of Santa coming out of a fireplace.

Our small black cat, Houdini, sits atop a cat house made to look like a cardboard truck full of presents.

Close-up of a wooden mouse made by Kevin and Jody.

A small plush reindeer stands next to a ceramic Santa, behind a vintage Night before Christmas book.

A trio of framed portions of vintage Christmas wrapping paper.

Overall view of part of the living room, which a long desert landscape painting above the couches.

Close-up of a Santa head mail holder that has two postcards from Santa's village in it, and next to it a small velvet reindeer.

View of our red coconut chair next to the gold and green trees. In the chair sit three vintage plush Santa Claus dolls.

It’s always worth noting, especially if you’re new to the blog, that no, those are not all real gifts. They are part of my cat-proofing of our aluminum trees. So if you’re in need of protecting your tree, fake or otherwise, check out my tips to help save your tree or trees from your feline friends.

Are you all ready for the holidays? It’s hard to believe Christmas is a little over ten days away!

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