Vintage Christmas Cards Vol. 4

Christmas is really all about traditions, even here on the blog, as I have several Christmas time traditions. One of which is sharing a portion of my ever growing vintage Christmas card collection. I really delight in vintage commercial illustration, and greeting cards have always provided some of the warmest, most charming images.

This sampling showcases some gorgeous script lettering and the continued allure of old-fashioned imagery. I find the third one down especially interesting as it evokes the head vases that were popular in the 1940s-1960s.

A Christmas card featuring a scene of an old west general store, with a pot belly stove, shelves of merchandise, two cats, a shop owner behind the counter, and a woman with her children standing at the counter. In a doorway to the right there is a Christmas tree being decorated.

Red and gold script reads "Season's Greetings" with little gold bursts around.

A 50s style illustration of a woman wearing a green hat and green cape. Atop her hat is a Christmas tree. Script reads" To My Wife at Christmas"

A Victorian dressed couple sits in a buggy, with their backs to the viewer. The text along the back reads "Back again!"

A silver streetlight glows against a bright blue background.

Two red bells swing with blue letters behind reading "Merry Christmas"

A pair of deer walk along a snowy scene, which is framed in birch bark, and pine sprigs, text reads, "Greetings of the Season"

A red ribbon spells out "Greetings" with a green wreath below.

A small grey kitten stands on piano keys. Behind the kitten is sheet music to "Jingle Bells"

A Victorian couple drops letters in a mail box, the gentleman carries a small Christmas tree and lifts his hat.

Of course I don’t just keep these gems tucked away! They should be displayed! And you may have spied how I display them in my Christmas decor post, where I hang them, laundry line style, with tiny clothes pins on a string. You can find these mini clothes pins on Amazon, or Michael’s. I use the ones that are about one inch in length.

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