This year I got over Halloween oddly quickly, and was very eager to put up Christmas. However I ran into a hiccup that wasn’t totally unexpected. I’ve never been one hundred percent happy with the arrangements of our collection of vintage aluminum Christmas trees, plus we keep adding new ones, so it is ever changing. And I just really struggled this year…Hence why this post is later than I normally prefer to share our decorations. I’m still not entirely sold by this arrangement either, but it works. Who knows! Next year we may have even more trees!

Unlike last year, this year I was more comfortable going out to antique malls and flea markets on the hunt for fresh vintage Christmas goodies to add to our home, and found a few treasures. As I’m constantly adding new items, Christmas has found its way into other rooms of the house, including our kitchen.

Overall view of our living room. A warm colored modernest take on the desert hangs on the wall, plush Santas sit on the couch.

Various felt reindeer stand on a blonde wood table. Three ceramic angels stand on the right. Books about aluminum Christmas trees lay in the middle of the table.

Three aluminum trees, each roughly four feet, stand together, one blue, one pink, and the third one gold. Under them are a variety of wrapped gifts.

A cardboard cut out of Santa advertising Coca-Cola stands near our fireplace.

In the foreground on the left, a blue aluminum tree peeks into frame on the right a 4 foot tall silver aluminum tree sits. Both have colorful ball ornaments on them.

A collection of 45-RPM records atop a record player. They include "Walt Disney's Original Chipmunks Chip and Dale and Clarice," "Santa Clause Conquers the Martians" and "The Night Before Christmas"

Our six foot tall green aluminum tree stands in front of our sliding glass door near our dining room.

Close-up of the small gold and silver aluminum tree on the dining room table. On it hang colorful ornaments of balls and bells.

Our fluffy grey cat, Colonel Whiskers, sits inside a cardboard cat house that is an A-frame sky chalet.

Hanging on the wall of the kitchen is a Coca-Cola advertisement of Santa.

A Coca-Cola advertisement leans against the wall, a small ceramic reindeer head sits on the left, a short aluminum tree on the right, and below it a small ceramic planter of Santa playing an upright base, filled with greenery.

"Glow in the Dark" Christmas ornaments sit on a shelf, in their original box, with stars on them, a small glass dish features Santa looking to the sky which is filled with rockets, a small ceramic ornament of Santa on a rocket sits in front, and to the right sit two cameras, one red, one green, that are from the Soviet Union.

View of our couch, with various Christmas cards hanging under a large modernest painting of a desert landscape. On the couch are several stuffed plush Santas.

Close-up of colorful ornaments hanging on a silver aluminum tree.

Close-up of one kitchen shelf, which features a small blow-mold snowman, and very small ceramic reindeer.

Close-up of a red, white, and silver stripe ornament with a space design on it hangs on our green aluminum tree.

View of our dining room. A warm blonde wood table sits in the middle, with six chairs around. In the middle of the table is a silver and gold mini aluminum tree. Hanging on one wall is a wall-hanging version of an aluminum tree, and on another wall are three framed pieces of vintage wrapping paper.

Close-up of a small silver bell, which features a small shield displaying Santa's Village. A small Santa head dangles below. In the background a red cap featuring an appliqué of Santa and reading "Santa's Village"

Overall view of a bookshelf in our living room, filled with various decorations.

Close-up of small cardboard houses decorated for Christmas.

Overview of the sink area of our kitchen, which has four small shelves that flank it, each with some small Christmas decor on them.

Close-up of vintage faux snow cans, and cocktail napkins featuring Santa's reindeer.

A build in room divider separates the living room from the hallway. It features various Christmas cards, felt reindeer and several ceramic planters featuring Santa filled with greenery.

A small ceramic planner of Santa sitting atop his sleigh, it is filled with greenery.

Close-up of a ceramic reindeer head with a Santa hat on.

Three framed pieces of vintage wrapping paper, one with Santa, another with poodles, and the third reading "Merry Christmas" hang over a secretary with a small cardboard village atop it.

Close-up of a small wooden mouse and felt reindeer that sit on the shadow box above our fireplace.

Close-up of a souvenir plate from Santa's Village.

Overall view of the TV area of our living room. On the TV a small alien takes a star from atop a Christmas tree. Plush Santas sit on the couch, a modernest style painting of a desert landscape hangs on the wall.

A small die-cut deer leans against the back portion of part of a bookshelf. In front stand three felt deer, two ceramic angels, and a Christmas card of a well-dressed woman hanging Christmas greenery.

Close-up of one of the kitchen shelves, which features a bottle of "Santa Cola" and a small ceramic of Santa in a Model T type car.

Overview of the shadow box above our fireplace, filled with small Christmas items, such as felt deer, cards, and Santa in a sleigh.

Close-up of a small angel dressed as an astronaut is the tree topper to our green aluminum tree.

Close-up view of the various Christmas cards above the couch. In the middle is a Coca-Cola advertisement with Santa sitting drinking a Coke.

My favorite new addition is the ceramic reindeer head donning a Santa hat. It is unmarked, but I later learned it was originally a music box that played “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” although by the time I found it, all trace of it being a music box was gone.

Unfamiliar with the movie on the TV this year? It’s a new favorite of mine released last year, Alien Xmas. A stop motion that combines The Grinch Who Stole Christmas and another bizarre favorite, the 1964 film, Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, Alien Xmas is a darling tale of how the true magic of Christmas is giving. It is currently available on Netlfix, and I highly recommend it!

It’s always worth noting, especially if you’re new to the blog, that no, those are not all real gifts. They are part of my cat-proofing of our aluminum trees. So if you’re in need of protecting your tree, fake or otherwise, check out my tips to help save your tree or trees from your feline friends.

I can’t believe Christmas is only ten days away! I still have a few people I need to shop for, but other than that, I’m ready! How about you?

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