Vintage Christmas Cards Vol. 3

A few years ago, I started yet another holiday tradition here on the blog (in addition to my Christmas playlist posts), sharing a sampling of my vintage Christmas card collection, and with Christmas this weekend, and myself wrapping up getting the last few Christmas cards mailed, it seemed like the perfect time to share this post!

Eight reindeer, white with pink dots, dash across a turquoise sky. The lower half of the card is white and in pink script it reads "Christmas Greetings"

A very tall and skinny greeting card, with a red, white, and gold stripped background, and the head of a snowman in the middle. The snowman wears a tall black top hat with a red band, has rosy cheeks, a small pipe jutting from the corner of his mouth, and a red bowtie.

A couple stands at a door, with the gentleman knocking. The blonde woman is dressed in a full skirted red dress with black fur trim, and hold holly. Atop her head is a wide brimmed green hat with a red band. The gentleman with his back towards the viewer wears a black top hat, green jacket, and black pants. With his right hand he knocks on the door, with his left he holds a poinsettia behind his back.

Red and white stripes make up the background of this very tall card. A center white oval features a reindeer with ornaments hanging from its antlers.

A couple dressed in Victorian clothing rides a tandem bicycle. The woman is in a red dress and a white brimmed hat with a poinsettia on it, the gentleman has a mustache, black bowler hat, red scarf, black jacket, and tan stripe paints. In the front basket and on the back rack or presents. Red text reads "From Us" in the upper right.

Two white kitten sit in a pair of mittens, one mitten in green, the other red.

A tall green Christmas dress with yellow sparkles on it, stands against a pink background.

A dark haired girl sits on a bench, she wears mod 60s clothes, including a floral hat, orange dress, pink bow at her neck, blue tights, and purple boots. She has a white fur muff with a poinsettia on it. Also on the bench are some presents and a black poodle wearing a pink sweater. On the ground is another poodle, wearing a yellow sweater.

A reindeer sits on a pile of gifts holding a garland.

A woman wearing a two tone green dress with a full skirt, detailed with red pom poms lights a candelabra with three red candles. Script across the top reads "For my Wife a Christmas Greeting."

As perhaps you’ve seen in my Christmas decor post, I display these by using small clothes pins and clipping them along a string. You can find these mini clothes pins on Amazon, or Michael’s. I use the ones that are about one inch in length.

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