Unexpected Shopping

Yesterday found me cleaning and doing laundry.  Sounds exciting, right? Actually not so much. But thank goodness I was saved by my friend Angelica, and with her we set out on a mini and unexpected shopping excursion.  We visited Monticello Antique Marketplace as well as Patti Smith West, where I found treasures at both shops! At Monticello I found the earrings to the orange brooch I purchased a few weeks back, and at Patti Smith I purchased not one, but two pairs of vintage shorts!

I have a bit of a passion for oranges, they certainly remind me of California, that’s for sure.  I’d like to image this would be what I’d wear to pick oranges if I were to be the daughter of orange grove owners like Jenny in The Rocketeer.

The other pair of shorts is cuter than these I think, but they need their zipper replaced.  Hopefully you’ll get to see them before summer is over.

Additionally, I got a request to do a hair tutorial on this style after I wore it to the Patio Dress party.  So look for one in the near future.

Blouse: Part of a two piece Squaw set, Red Light, Portland
Shorts: Patti Smith West
Belt: Thrifted
Shoes: Garage sale
Brooch & Earrings: Monticello Antique Marketplace
Bracelet: Antique Alley, Portland

12 thoughts on “Unexpected Shopping

  1. I’m so glad you found the earrings to go with your brooch! I really love having matching sets, and it’s an extra special buzz when you find them in seperate shops or fairs etc. The shorts are very chic too, and you definately have the knees for them! xx Princess Pin Curls

  2. These shorts are pretty gosh darn cute, so it’ll be extra exciting to see the other pair, as you describe them as being even more adorable. Love your whole sweet, beautiful look here – right down to that darling orange brooch! Now that I know you’re a fan of oranges, I’ll be sure to let you know if I come across any vintage orange themed jewelry in my online travels.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. You look so cute! The shorts are very flattering on you. I have the grape cluster pin. The “forbidden fruit” sets are so cute, but pricey. I’m assuming you got a great deal. I had a couple question, hope you dont mind me asking. I was just curious, do you have a tip for wearing vintage clip on earrings? I find that after a while of wearing, my ears start to hurt. I have converted a few to pierced but the weight of the earrings arnt supported to well by the backs. Also, I noticed you wear heels a lot. I would love to invest in some to go with my vintage dresses/skirts but I’m afraid they too would get uncomfortable throughout the day…do you have any tips on wearing heels?

    • Regarding clip-ons, you can press down on the part that goes behind your ear down some, slightly bending it, this will make the gap between the clip and the back of the decorative part slightly larger, thus, less pinching and less pain. But be careful, I have bent some a little too much, and then they wouldn’t stay on. Additionally, I’ll be honest, sometimes I just wear the earrings for a little while, then I end up taking them off after awhile, and tucking them in my purse.

      As for heels, there are several brands that are quite comfortable. I have several pairs by Aerosoles, and by I Love Comfort. I was recently tempted by a pair by Miss L Fire, which felt very comfortable, and sturdy. I think a lot of comfort in heels depends upon how well the shoe is made, the “chunkiness” of the heel and the height of the heel. Well made shoes (which cost a pretty penny, often $80 and up) are often more comfortable because they are sturdier. I find that 40s style heels, which are rather chunky, especially compared to modern, very thin heels, are more comfortable. Additionally, a lower heel, often one or two inches is better. Some brands have built in cushion insoles, which are always add comfort. You can also buy insoles that are designed for heels.

      I hope that helps!

        • I think there is no such thing as shorts cuter than those.

          Also (sorry to jump in) in terms of comfy heels, I can vouch for Miss L Fire are being very, very comfortable – Asos sometimes has them for sale. And also, although plastic, Melissa has vintage look shoes and they are very, very comfy (the heels, not the flats) and last for a long long time. Not sweaty or gross at all, as you would usually associate with plastic shoes.

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