Indian Summer

Oregon seems to always have Indian Summers.  It’s almost as if our months are all off.  Winter lasts clear into April, and summer into October.  I try not to complain when we have nice weather, since Oregon is known for its rain, but I have loads of woolen skirts and suits that are beginning to feel neglected! But today provided a glorious temperature for me to wear this amazing blouse a picked up earlier this week!

I normally don’t go for garments with Mandarin collars, but this blouse jumped out at me and I fell in love the instant I put it on. It’s made of fine, cool rayon and is perfect for these sort of days.  Plus the color and gold thread detailing just screams fall!

Earrings: Gift
1940s  Blouse: A California Creation – Carol West of California, Red Light, Portland
Pants: Victoria’s Secret by way of Buffalo Exchange, Portland
1940s Shoes: Red Light, Portland

On a few other notes… Patrick came home yesterday! And I finished my Halloween costume! Since Patrick and I are actually doing a couples costume this year, we require a third person to take photos, so tomorrow we’re getting together with our friend Anthony for a photo shoot.  Anthony is an absolute delight to work with and I am really looking forward to shooting as well as sharing my Halloween costume that I have been slaving away on for two months.  Has anyone else decided upon their Halloween costume?

7 thoughts on “Indian Summer

  1. Such a pretty blouse. I’m always told red heads can’t wear that color and I think they’re nuts!

    I’m also working on my costume and hope to finish it up this weekend. I can’t wait to see what you’ll be!

  2. I will celabrate Halloween for the second time in my life… It’s not really popular in FRANCE, some people tried a few years ago to import the US event but it’s even less celebrate than before… It’s now hard to find Halloween stuffs to decorate home… But we are planning a private party with friends and my husband and I have already planned our costume… I will keep it secret until the 31st….

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