The Ladies of Frank Sinatra

Last night AlexSandra of AlexSandra’s Vintage Emporium and Union Made Bride hosted a fabulous fashion show themed to the Ladies of Frank Sinatra at Tony Starlight’s Supper Club.

While there were quite the shenanigans behind the curtain, we all looked lovely and proper on-stage…

AlexSandra “cast” each of us as one of the many ladies of Frank Sinatra’s life…from Bobby Soxer fans to Ava Gardner to Nancy Senior and Junior to Lauren Bacall to Mia Farrow.  I was in love with so many of the garments all of the gals were wearing, especially the silvery gown Pearl wore, as seen in the upper right corner.  By far my favorite bit of the evening was the wiglet that two of our models wore, visible in lower left and upper right…which was actually a Build-a-Bear wig that Kristen styled! Amazing! I think I’ll make an attempt at it myself in the near future, and offer it up as a tutorial.

Meanwhile, Expo is tomorrow! I am quite excited! You’ll be sure to see all of my finds after the weekend! Have a lovely weekend!

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