Find Your Perfect Fit at eShakti

Just prior to leaving for California I was approached by eShakti, an on-line clothing company that produces semi-custom garments.  I had never heard of the brand before and did some digging.  The website offers up both 9 to 5 wear as well as special occasion wear and there is something for everyone.

I can’t tell you how often I see clothing and I think “Gee…I wish that had sleeves” or “Is that suppose to be a dress?” (Seriously, does nothing have sleeves anymore? And do people even know what a decent hemline is these days?). At eShakti, you can add sleeves of varying lengths, shorten or length dresses and skirts and much more!  Additionally, some of their clothing offers up a vintage flair, which is why I agreed to a collaboration.

I chose the Floral Illusion Yoke dress due to its Hispanic feel plus it had pockets!

I simply love the sheer yoke and the embroidery and especially the pockets, which are real pockets! What do I mean by that? Some pockets these days are so shallow they might as well not be there at all!  But these are deep enough that I can put my iPhone in one and it won’t fall out!

There is a lot to be said for eShakti.  Most of their garments are under $100, with only a few over.  Their customization options are just swell.  The skirt length and sleeve options have to be the best, and with it comes to custom sizing there is no stone left unturned!  However, I opted for a standard size garment, and I really wish I hadn’t.  The standard sizing chart (which goes up to a 6X) offers up just the bust, waist and hip measurements, and it was a different measurement that was a problem, however one that can be changed in the custom options… Arm sizing. I am finally coming to terms that I have large arms, and as a girl who faced body issues before I am weary to “work on” my arms.  Anyhow, the point is, the sleeves were a shade on the tight side, and made for some movement uncomfortable.  So if you have run into this problem before, and are interested in a garment from eShakti, I highly recommend checking out your arm measurements and paying the super low rate of $7.50 to order a custom garment to ensure you get a proper arm fitting.

Other pros of the website are all of the “specs” on the garments.  They tell you a lot about the cut, structure, material, and zipper location for their garments.  These are all wonderful details to include.  The site however does not include were the garment is made, for those curious this dress was made in India.

My other concern about the dress are strictly personal however you may share the same views as me.  I have a huge aversion to side zippers (seriously, this could be a post in itself).  And most of their dresses have side zippers, including this one.

Overall, I am very pleased with the garment, and may consider eShakti in the future, but will for sure be ordering a custom garment! It’s so nice to know that there are companies out there that know not every woman is built the same!

9 thoughts on “Find Your Perfect Fit at eShakti

  1. Okay, that is adorable! I had read about eShakti somewhere and was curious about the quality and so on. It’s good having a review from someone whose opinion i trust.

    I agree about sleeves. I do not see why everything has to be sleeveless!

    • My garment was cotton, with a polyester lining. By no means a real thick cotton though, because I believe this to be a summer dress.

      I recommend reading up on a few more reviews. I recall one where I think they showed the inside of the dress and I know someone else had some sleeve/shoulder issues.

  2. Gorgeous! Sure looks better on you than it does on the website… I wouldn’t have looked at it twice! I would be very interested in seeing a review that involved an altered sleeve, though…

  3. I am nodding up a storm over here in agreement with you regard sleeves and hem lengths. It’s as though 99% of all dresses now have a major phobia of their hemlines daring to reach past mid-thigh – and don’t even get me started on the lack of sleeves! 😀

    This wonderful dress however, is utterly gorgeous and is something that I would wear in the quickest of heartbeats, too. I love how the soft creamy white picks up the gorgeous gold and red hues in your hair, and that you echoed the red in the embroidery with your shoes. Endlessly pretty outfit!

    ♥ Jessica

  4. I got married this summer, and we ended up ordering the bridesmaids’ dresses from eShakti. We got navy blue, cotton/poplin, sleeveless dresses with full gathered skirts. They were adorable and exactly what I wanted. Each of my 4 bridesmaids took their measurements and ordered their own dress. The only problem we had was that in the end, the 4 dresses seemed to come from 2 different dye lots of fabric. 2 were more royal blue, and 2 were true navy. It wasn’t that big of a deal; I just had them stand alternately with each other in the wedding and it looked like it had been planned that way…but it was a bit annoying, especially since I *loved* the navy and that was what I really wanted.
    Aside from the color issue, the dresses looked lovely and they fit very nicely.

  5. “do people even know what a decent hemline is these days?” As a six foot girl, I hear ya! I struggle to find hemlines that are appropriate on me!

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