Why Hello There, Pink Aluminum Tree

First off, I hope all of you (US readers, that is) had a lovely Thanksgiving! And if you’re out shopping today, please be extra careful and courteous.

Last weekend Patrick and I attended the Plucky Maidens Junk Fest, a small but well worth while antique show. I’m always inclined to attend shows and shops I don’t often visit when it’s the holiday season because I’m always bound to find some vintage Christmas treasure!

The show was a combination of actual vintage times and created things and while there was lots to drool over at this show from clothes to chandeliers, I came home with several space themed Christmas ornaments, a beautiful dress (which is currently at the dry cleaners) and this…

Yes. It’s a PINK aluminum Christmas tree!! I’ve wanted one for AGES but they routinely go for $300 to over one thousand dollars. So Patrick and I didn’t hesitate (too much) when we saw the $225 price tag.  Additionally, this is my first tapered branch aluminum tree. The branches are of multiple lengths, instead of one length like my other aluminum trees.

Recently my dad scored a green aluminum tree and I already own a gold one, as well as several silvers, so now all I need is blue! Then I will have all of the colors!

13 thoughts on “Why Hello There, Pink Aluminum Tree

  1. Your tree is a great find…I cry when I discovered that my grandmothers 1960’s White/Silver Christmas Tree was thrown out…it was 6 foot tall and full and bushy, it sparkled even without any ornaments.Congratulations on your find…hopefully you will find that ellusive blue one soon. Your Christmassy red coat and snood say “Christmas starts here”…by the way your fringe looks amazing, the shape and the beautiful sheen! xx Shauna

  2. Oh how very, very exquisite! I’m tickled pink (sorry, I couldn’t resist slipping in a little pun) that you found this seriously awesome vintage Xmas tree. I don’t have any vintage ones myself, but if I ever went shopping for one, I’d aim to find a dazzling pink beauty like this, too.

    Happiest start of the holiday season to you and your sweetie,
    ♥ Jessica

  3. Absolutely DREAMY!!! I love it, love it, love it!! Oh I can see Christmas being such a fun time with you both!!! What a treat!!

    • I used to, but I slowly bought more than I could put up (that is between the apartment I have with my husband and my dad’s house). Currently there are four up in our apartment, as well as four at my dad’s. Meanwhile I just sold one, and put another up for sale at the space my dad and I share at Retro Rejuvenation. However, I know there are at least four more in storage at my dad’s. :/ Yeah, I know, I have a problem.

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