To a Prosperous Year

Last night Patrick and I participated in libations and laughter at AlexSandra’s (that is of course of AlexSandra’s Vintage Emporium) New Years celebration.  It was an evening of delightful conversation, liquor and vintage party hats and noise makers…

For the evening I wore a different dress than I intended…I purchased a delightful silver number at the last Plucky Maidens show, but when I saw this number at Wanderlust, I nearly fainted. And, yes, it’s a front zip dress! *gasp!* Oh, and yes, there is a giant painting of Marilyn Monroe…Our apartment building is so cool.

I hope you all had a wonderful and safe New Years! I suspect it’ll take awhile to get used to saying twenty-thirteen…but I suppose it’s part of living in a new century.

Dress: Wanderlust, Portland
Vintage Stockings: Gosh, Expo? Some antique mall? Who knows…
Shoes: Buffalo Exchange, Portland …or at least I think so.
Earrings & Ring: Gifts
Necklace: Retro Rejuvenation, Coburg

10 thoughts on “To a Prosperous Year

  1. So glamorously gorgeous! I really like the accessories your partnered with this stunning dress. The blue necklace was a marvelous touch and one that really makes your eyes sparkle.

    Happiest New Year’s wishes, dear Janey!!!
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Gah! that dress is so awesome! I envy your collection of 40s shoes! I have one pair but I’m too scared to wear them!

    • Oh gosh! Thanks! I don’t own too many pairs and the pairs that I do own I rarely wear because I’m totally like you, scared to wear them! They come out on super special occasions and often when very little walking in involved.

  3. This is such a stunning dress. I would never thought of teaming blue, black gold together but they make such an enchanting combination. I can’;t beleive how cool your building is…Marilyn is not really a standard wall covering. xx Shauna

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