If You Could…

…go back in time for one day and experience something, what would it be?  Not going back and changing something or doing something huge, but going back in time and simply witnessing or participating in something a large group did.  March on Washington perhaps? Or V-E or V-J day? Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee?  Or maybe something more simple, like just going shopping…

For me it would be to go to Disneyland on a day in which Guy William appeared as Zorro.

Over a period of just three years, “Zorro Days” happened at Disneyland only five times.  These Zorro weekends included a parade on Main Street USA and a stunt show in Frontierland, beginning at the Golden Horseshoe and ending atop the Mark Twain! Followed later by autograph sessions and opportunities for children to cross swords with the fox himself! You can view photos on Daveland.

The event combines many of my passions…first I love Disneyland. Adore it. Seriously. My love for Disneyland could be a blog in itself. Additionally, I love Zorro. The show was so well done, and I love the period of Spanish California and Guy Williams was smokin’ hot to boot. So not only could I get to experience Disneyland in its infancy and ride so many of the long forgotten attractions, maybe even see Walt himself, but get to meet Guy Williams, Henry Calvin and Gene Sheldon!

But until we have time machines or I happen to run into The Doctor, I guess I’ll have to be happy with this glorious footage of Zorro at Disneyland that The Disney History Institute has so kindly shared.

So, where and when would you go?

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